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You Can Create A Logo And Brand Identity You Love

Without having to continue hiding from your ideal audience out of shame, OR having to hire an expensive graphic designer.

{All while you effortlessly attract your ideal audience to you time and time again.}

For me, as a Sound Therapist eager to bring my sound work to the masses, I constantly found myself in the perpetual yo-yo of getting out there and serving my audience, and feeling utterly ashamed of the lack of consistency in my branding. 

This shame stopped me dead in my tracks. Constantly second-guessing myself and my graphics. Always worried about not looking good enough or relating to my target audience. 

Yet, there was no way I would even consider hiring a designer.

I mean, why would I want to spend money on getting a logo by someone else when I could do it myself?

{Besides, I didn’t have the money to spend even if I wanted to and to be fair, the logos I saw on Fiverr didn’t make me jump for joy or want to open my wallet to grab my credit card!}
I spent weeks months:
All of this took so much time and energy to do on my own. Time I could have spent actually engaging and serving my audience.

I really could have saved myself some time (& money) if I had found an experienced designer to help me nail my branding. After all, the amount of time I spent on doing it myself actually cost me more than hiring someone upfront.

It was like a constant merry-go-round of doubt and moments of confidence.

I personally loved my logo and colour palette. Yet, it never felt good enough AND it never fully aligned with my audience.

In the end, I threw the proverbial towel in when I was presented with a potentially life-threatening health diagnosis because it all felt too much to continue slogging away at.

It’s NO WONDER so many Wellbeing Practitioners bypass their branding altogether when setting up their wellbeing business.

With so much potential for frustration, meltdowns, life events and tears…who really wants to waste their valuable time on making sure they have a logo and visual brand identity anyways?

I took the time to reassess the direction of my life and business.

I quickly realised I’d built some valuable skills and actually was a pretty decent designer after all, so I made the choice to start offering my own design services to others.

After designing a few logos and colour palettes for others – all of which were loved by their new owners – I realised something was missing between the overall brand and audience alignment.

Diving deeper into the branding process, I found the missing key ingredients, that when applied to my branding process, transformed everything!

It’s been 4 years since I discovered this magical way of creating the perfect brand for my clients, with me constantly perfecting this branding method with each client.

Then one day, a client responded to her brand guidelines with this in a private message to me:

It looks amazing!!!

When I received this, I knew that all the time, money and hours I spent practising was

absolutely worth it!

and the Brand Alchemy Method TM was born.

It didn’t matter that she had spent years building a brand that was inconsistent visually. What mattered was that she now had a brand that perfectly fit both her business and her ideal client.

The Brand Alchemy Method™ allowed me to create a truly beautiful visual brand identity authentic to both her personal brand and her business brand.

Suddenly, she had:

And now, I want to give you that same sense of…

confidence, consistency & excitement!

Over the years, I’ve refined this method for creating authentic, aligned branding for my clients into an easy to follow process, but have felt limited with how many people I can serve with a 1:1 done-for-you service because of the time & energy involved.

My passion for helping as many heart-centred practitioners & service providers as I can to get beautiful, aligned branding for their business that also helps them call in their highest & best customers kept creeping up on me & wouldn’t allow me to be satisfied with the work I was doing for my 1:1 clients.

It wasn’t until I fully embraced my calling to create a programme where I could work with a group of people all at the same time, supporting them as they build beautiful brands for their businesses, that I suddenly felt alive & switched on!

…and that’s how my Brand Alchemy Method™️ course came to life.

Hi there, I’m Renée!

As a Designer with a background in Sound Therapy and Education, I am super passionate about helping Coaches, Holistic Therapists, Healers & Metaphysical Practitioners elevate their branding through stunning visual brand identities, websites and social graphics.

Having spent years learning about and implementing the concepts behind creating visual brand identities to successfully represent dozens of clients around the world, I’m confident I’ll be able to walk you through the process of creating the brand you deserve to have {without the added expense of having to hire a high-end designer}.

Just imagine…

How you’ll transform your business with branding and graphics that create incredible alchemy between you and your ideal clients…


Consider the Brand Alchemy Method™️ to be like the ultimate magic potion that unlocks a brand identity and transforms a “meh” brand into a “magical” brand.

{It IS alchemical after all!}

By using the Brand Alchemy Method™️ for your business or personal brand, you will:

This sounds perfect! Get me started...

What Previous Students Have to Say...

I knew I needed a logo but didn't know what else goes into branding. The level of detail described in this course is really helps you to go deeper, allowing you to not only understand your business but also yourself and the role you play. Showing the results to friends (other business owners), they have been amazed at the quality and individuality of the branding created.

If you are starting out, with some good ideas, Brand Alchemy Method™️ will be able to guide you to create something unique and appealing.
Emma Pickup
The Wedding Synergy
If you are looking to move quickly but simply from branding that feels ‘unfinished’ or just not right to something that looks professional, attracts the right people and you feel confident sharing then this will tick the boxes.
Saffron Peacock-Wilson
Personal Trainer | Behaviour Change Specialist
This has given me clarity on my brand vision and identity, confidence in my brand and it's potential and a clear route forward. It has given me an understanding that I am my brand and how it needs to look and feel to fully reflect and attract my ideal clients.
Emily Booth

Take a Look at What We'll Cover...


Foundational Alchemy

Building Your Brand Foundations

Most Wellbeing Practitioners make one of two mistakes. They either jump feet first into selling their products or they believe {ahem…know} there’s no need to have their branding sorted before they launch their business. The thing is, they couldn’t be further from the truth. In this module, you’ll build the foundations of your business so you can confidently go out and start serving your audience.

Walk Away With:


Magnetic Alignment

Effortlessly Attracting Your Ideal Client

Connecting with and attracting your ideal human isn’t as simple as waving a magic wand. In this module, we’ll dive deep into what makes your ideal human “tick” so you can position yourself in their conscious awareness and effortlessly draw them in.

Walk Away With:


Colour Alchemy

Choosing the Right Colours for Your Brand

Did you know that 62-90% 1 of a person’s initial assessment of your brand is based on colour alone? The colours you choose for your brand not only differentiates you from others, they also spark emotions in your audience.

In this module, I’ll walk you through the process of choosing the best colour palette to use for your specific brand personality. Finishing off the module with clear colour palette, you will be grounding your brand identity further, allowing you to magically connect with your ideal audience on a subtle, yet powerful psychological level.

Walk Away With:


Typography Alchemy

Defining the Perfect Font Pairing for Your Brand

It may not seem like it, but the fonts you choose for your brand are as important as the colour palette you’ve just defined in Module 4.

By the time you complete Module 5, you’ll have a clearly defined set of fonts to be used across your brand and marketing.

Put it all together and you’re well on your way to brand consistency and authority!

Walk Away With:


Mood & Styling Alchemy

Defining Your Brand Style & Mood

You really have your foundations in place by the time you reach this stage.

Yet, it’s still super easy to have all your efforts fall apart if you forget to think carefully about the way your branding shows up in all your marketing efforts.

From choosing the right type of photos, to choosing the types of textures or patterns you will use, this module will allow you to create a clear style for your brand that will guide everything you do going forward.


Walk Away With:


Logo Alchemy

Designing a Logo You Love

With your logo being one of the first things potential clients see, there’s nothing worse than having a logo that you don’t like. By the time you finish this module, you’ll have created a logo that draws in the attention of your ideal human for all the right reasons {and leaves you wanting to share it everywhere you go!}

Walk Away With:

Bonus #1

Brand Alchemy

Creating Your Brand Guidelines

There’s nothing worse than having to search for several different documents or files each time you sit down to create content.

It gets even worse if you have a team and you need to share your branding with them. I mean, after all, your team members need to be clear on who you are as a brand, how to represent you in communications and how to use the logo, colours, fonts and imagery effectively.

By the time you’ve completed this module, you will have an easy-to-reference brand guide and systems you can effortlessly refer to and share with your team (saving you time and money in the process, while ensuring you maintain consistency and brand authority).

Walk Away With:



For Canva, Photoshop & Illustrator

I get it. Figuring out how to use a piece of software to design a logo of create a graphic is one of the most daunting things any entrepreneur has to do in their journey.

Regardless of the software you choose to work with, these tutorials will give you the skills you need to create that logo, define your colour palette and bring the structure of your overall brand guidelines to life!

Start attracting your ideal human today!



Still undecided?

You’ve got 30 days to Align. Get Creative. Define your ultimate Brand Identity.

If you still can’t create a stunning brand identity using the concepts and tools I share with you inside this programme – you deserve your money back.

If you don’t wow your ideal clients with an aligned, on-brand logo and colour palette – you deserve your money back.

If you don’t have a clear set of brand guidelines to help you keep your marketing consistent – you deserve your money back.

Simply send us an email at with proof you have done the work and I’ll happily give you your money back.

Have Questions?

I have answers...

No. Everything you need to complete the Brand Alchemy Method program is included. Simply start at the beginning and work your way through. If you do that, you will be able to complete the process with ease.

Although having access to Illustrator would be your best option, you will be able to create a basic visual brand identity using free software such as Canva, Gimp or Picmonkey. Other low cost software I recommend is Affinity Designer (with a one-time fee of approx. $50).

Did you know this is one of the most common questions I receive? Generally, you will need to set aside up to 2 hours each week to work through the materials. The amount of time you put into your branding, the higher likelihood it will be fabulous. Of course, if you choose to spend little or no time working your way through these materials, this will show in your results.

I’d say immediately! You’ll find the entire programme inside the course dashboard, but the exercises contained within each module are structured in a way that will allow you to see immediate results. This doesn’t mean you’ll have a full brand identity by the end of Module 1 or 2. Instead, it means you’ll have strong foundations on which to build your brand identity. That alone is priceless!

It certainly will! The course is the same branding process I take my done-for-you clients through. It’s a process that works across all industries and businesses, be it the small solopreneur or service provider, to larger companies serving 1000s of customers.

I understand that some people may already understand who their ideal client is. This does not mean you should skip over this module altogether though. It’s always good to review what you have to make sure it is still in alignment with your brand and services. Tweaking it can also make your marketing easier going forwards too!

Yes, of course it will. This program is for everyone, from startups to those who’ve been in business for years and need to give their brand a makeover. If you already have a logo, this is great. You can keep it as it is and build your brand around that or give it a bit of a facelift as you build your brand identity. Go with the flow and see what happens!

Oh yes! This course is perfect for a brand makeover. It’s also fantastic for helping anyone with branding that is a bit all over the place and needs a unification strategy put in place. 

Yes! The exercises in Module 1 & 2 will help you get clearer on your brand personality and ICA. From past experiences, I’ve found that this also leads naturally to new business or product names being defined. Plus, for those of you who’ve read this far, there may or may not be an unadvertised bonus that will help you with naming your business. 😉 😉

This programme is a completely self-directed study course. If, however, you find yourself incredibly stuck with something, you can email me at and I’ll do my best to assist you.

All bonus items can be found inside the course area of Searchie Hubs. 

Please note though that they may not all be available when you first login as they will be released at the time when they are useful in the course

Let's be honest:

The process of branding (and rebranding) your business is expensive.

It’s not as simple as swapping out your old logo for your new one. There are the colours to change, fonts too. Don’t forget the social graphics or any marketing materials you have – they all need to be redone.

It all adds up, leaving you thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Building a business is like tending a garden. You need to spend the time preparing the soil, sowing the seeds, then watering and weeding the ground until the plants bloom.

You wouldn’t throw some seeds on the ground and walk away hoping they’ll grow right?

By putting your foundations in place early on, you’re setting yourself and your Wellbeing business up for success, paving the way for you to blossom and thrive in the most beautiful ways imaginable.

is your foundation.

Unless you’re prepared to spend the time and money on building your business, then spending more time and money rebranding it later on, this course will give you a strong foundation to build your business on from the start.

Start attracting your ideal human today!



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