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Everything Branding, Design & Alchemy

What follows on this page is everything I have ever created to help you build a successful, SOUL-ALIGNED business.

Feel free to browse through everything I offer to see how it might help you.

There’s everything from freebies to Do It Yourself (DIY) Resources, Workshops, Done-For-You (DFY) & Strategy.

Please note:  This page is a work-in-progress. This means there are several items that are ‘Coming Soon’. If you are interested in those items, please follow the link & complete the linked form. 

Free Things to Help You Get Started

Brand Archetype Quiz
Discover your brand's signature archetype by taking this short quiz.

Magnetic Brand Quiz
Find out how well your brand is attracting your ideal client with the Magnetic Brand Quiz.
Visual Brand Checklist
Make sure you include all the essential pieces of a visual brand with this handy checklist.
9 Things You Must Do Before Building Your Next Website
Discover the 9 things you must do before you start building your website.
Soul Alchemy Community
A brand new community for soulful, heart-centred entrepreneurs looking for business & design tips, accountability & work-life balance
coming soon

DIY & Done-With-You (DWY)

Brand Board Templates
Brand Board templates to customise and use for your own brand. For Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator or Affinity.

Brand Guideline Template
The perfect brand guideline template for Canva. Includes instructions & prompts.

Logo Alchemy
Have a course or product you need to create a logo for quickly & don't want to hire a designer? Check out these 25 proven logo layouts for use in Canva, Illustrator or Photoshop

Social Alchemy Templates
A starter set of templates for social media, completely customisable in Canva.


Brand Clarity Challenge
A 7-day challenge designed to help you kickstart your brand foundations.


Web Design Boards
The ultimate step-by-step workflow for designing a website - from branding to mockups, to development, use these as a solopreneur or with a team in Trello or Clickup.

Coming soon
Mini Brand/Website Audit
Want the eyes of an expert on your branding or website? Receive a short review video with actionable steps for improving

Coming soon
Alchemical Archetypes*
Learn how to identify, then harness the power of Brand Archetypes to create a powerfully aligned & authentic brand.

Brand Clarity Map
Have your entire Brand Vision sorted in only two weeks with this 1:1 VIP session.

Brand Alchemy Method
My signature programme designed to support you in creating a brand that aligns to WHO you are while magnetically drawing in your ideal clients.

$497/self-directed | $797/live coaching & Q&A
coming soon

Up & Coming (Ideas, Concepts & Waitlists)

Soul Alchemy Business Club
Opening soon. More information to come shortly. Join the waitlist to be notified first.

coming soon
Brand Voice Alchemy
A focused workshop to help you define your Brand Voice with Jen Hill-Myers

coming soon
Brand in a Day Workshop

Website Planning Workshop

5 Steps to Identifying Your Brand Archetype Mix
Know you need to up your game with your branding & have heard everyone talking about Brand Archetypes but no idea where to start? Join this workshop & walk away with your perfect Brand Archetype mix for your business!

coming soon
Elementor Templates
Elementor templates for Holistic Therapists, Metaphysical Practitioners & Soulful Service Providers who wish to elevate themselves & their business.

Coming soon
coming soon

DFY Services*

*Note: DFY Services are not included in the 50% off Birthday Bash. Instead, anyone who chooses to book a DFY service with me before September 20th, 2022, will receive a Bonus Voxer Day with me (Value: $500). To qualify, include the phrase “Birthday Bash” next to your name when you book your discovery call.

Brand Immersion Experience
Become a Brand VIP & shine like the star that you are. The Brand Immersion Experience gets you up & running with your bespoke branding in
Had enough of DIYing your own branding? Let's elevate your business with authentically aligned branding.
Web Design
Fed up with trying to do it all yourself? Custom web design to accentuate and elevate your brand.
Course Creation
Needing the expert eyes & experience of a 20+ year educator to help you create the perfect course? Book a call today to discuss how I can help you bring the ideas in your head to real life.